The one unique and profound element of each and everyone of us is the name we are given. From the reason to why we were given such a name to the historical lineage and significance of what a name has come to represent, our name, beyond it’s objective purpose, encompasses what and who each of us is. It’s essence is at the very heart of our existence. It effectively describes us in a manner more than we truly understand or choose to realize. Our name, both in the physical and virtual worlds, is immortal and will outlast each and every one of us. It’s up to us to decide how you will make the greatest impact through one of the most significant and powerful characteristics we all have. Will you rise above yourself for the happiness of others? Will you influence the world with positive actions? Will you empower yourself to somehow change the world? Even on the smallest of scales. Your name is and will always be the everlasting testament of who you are -Josip Petrusa

Om iemand wat jou naam verkeerd uitspreek instinktief reg te help wys hoe belangrik ons name vir ons is. Dit is iets persoonlik en eie aan jou. Dit verteenwoordig wie en wat jy is. Dis deel van jou menswees. Daar is baie meer diepte in ‘n naam as die blote letters waaruit dit bestaan. Jou naam bly lank na jou nog voortbestaan. Ontdek die unieke betekenis van jou naam en druk dit op ‘n kaartjie wat jy ook kan raam.

*Individually designed card with the meaning of your name
*A5 size. No wording inside
*Include envelope

Different options/color/designs of handmade frames available

*Elke kaartjie word individueel ontwerp
*A5 grootte. Geen bewoording binne nie
*Sluit koevert in

Verskillende opsies van handgemaakte rame beskikbaar

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